Mobiliario Auxiliar de Diseño, S.L is an avantgarde, agile and dynamic company. Since its foundation in 1979, the company designs and produces, entirely at its facilites located in Crevillent, Alicante (Spain), an attractive and innovative product. The constant research into new technologies, materials and trends, leads us to create high quality designs, which are fully accepted in the international markets. All our production processes are regulated by European quality standards and the tests are performed by the Technological Institute of Spanish Furniture.


The internal quality department make the most demanding tests on the new prototypes before approval, and only then starts the production process. We are certified ISO 9001. Dressy shows particular sensitivity to the environment. Currently, all our production processes are environmentally friendly as evidenced by the ISO 14001 certification obtained. By adapting to the Quality-Productivity needs demanded by an increasingly competitive market, Mobiliario Auxiliar de Diseño, S.L. expressly declares its fundamental commitment to enhance the Quality and care of the Environment, through the following objectives: - The main objective is the customer satisfaction. - Mobiliario Auxiliar de Diseño, S.L. understands quality as the adequacy of procedures, customer service and support with the most appropriate and environmentally friendly technology. - Compliance with the legislation and applicable regulations, as well as the commitment to satisfy other requirements acquired voluntarily. - The establishment of objectives for continuous improvement of the quality of our services, and environmental performance consistent with the nature and environmental impacts caused by our activities. - Prevention of pollution and minimization of the environmental impact of our activities, as well as a sustainable use of resources as an integral part of our daily work. - Quality requires collaboration and participation at all levels, and for this purpose information, communication and formation are essential. - Quality, environmental protection is a commitment and responsibility of all Mobiliario Auxiliar de Diseño, S.L. staff and they actively participate in the maintenance and continuous improvement of our Management System. The General Management ensures that its Quality and Environmental Policy is reviewed, understood and accepted by all staff.

mueble de españa Aidima ISO 14001