For six days, Milan beats in a frenetic rhythm. Mobliberica had the opportunity to present the last news of Dressy Collection at the most significant event of the year. Professionals, designers, and visitors felt the elegance, design and creativity around every corner at the fair and over a totally dedicated city. From Milan, we get fantastic impressions and a positive feedback about the last news of Dressy Collection that has been highly recognized since its presentation. For those who couldn’t visit us, we would like to give you some highlights. We presented new HCC ceramic finishes which reinforce the innovating character and the elegance of this ceramic collection for table tops. For the first time at Milan fair, visitors met the Stay table and its cutting-edge structure completely made of aluminium and an eye-catching oval top. Besides, from Danish firm Kvadrat, the new high-quality and top design upholstery for our chairs. Milan beats, our imagination beats, and we are working harder to continue to delight people. Thank you very much for your visit. We look forward to seeing you soon!